Electrical Engineering
      and Computer Sciences

Natural Language Processing Group

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Nanjing University

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Xinyu Dai


Research Interests

  • Language Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering (LIKE)
  • Language Processing and Human-Machine Communication


  • Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools.
  • Natural Language Processing.


I received my B.S. degree in Computer Science at Nanjing University in 1999, and my PhD in Computer Science at Nanjing University in 2005. I joined the Nanjing University as an assistant professor in 2005 , worked as an associate professor from 2008, and obtained professor in 2017. I have been on leave from Nanjing University from August 2010 to September 2011 to visit EECS Department and Statistics Department at UC Berkeley.


  • Recommendation System-Oriented Finer-grained Sentiment Analysis, NSFC:61976114, 2020.1-2023.12.
  • Research on Chinese Frame Semantic Computing Based on Linguistic Cognitive Mechanism, NSFC:61936012. 2020.1-2024.12
  • Key Techniques and Systems for Solving Knowledge Association and Event Reasoning Problems, MOST:2018YFB1005102. 2019.05--2022.04.

Recent Selected Publications

  • Bin Wang, Jiangzhou Ju, Yang Fan, Xinyu Dai, et.al., Structure-Unified M-Tree Coding Solver for Math Word Problem, EMNLP'2022
  • Fei Zhao, Yuchen Shen, Zhen Wu and Xinyu Dai, Label-Driven Denoising Framework for Multi-Label Few-Shot Aspect Category Detection,Findings of EMNLP'2022
  • Siyu Long, Yi Zhou, Xinyu Dai, Hao Zhou, Zero-Shot 3D Drug Design by Sketching and Generating, NeurIPS'2022.
  • Yawen Ouyang, Zhen Wu, Xinyu Dai, et.al., Towards Multi-label Unknown Intent Detection, COLING'2022.
  • Fei Zhao, Zhen Wu, Siyu Long, et.al., Learning from Adjective-Noun Pairs: A Knowledge-enhanced Framework for Target-Oriented Multimodal Sentiment Classification, COLING'2022.
  • Fei Zhao, Chunhui li, Zhen Wu, et.al., Learning from Different text-image Pairs: A Relation-enhanced Graph Convolutional Network for Multimodal NER, ACM MM 2022.
  • Ming Fang, Shi Zong, Jing Li, et.al., Analyzing the Intensity of Complaints on Social Media, Findings of NAACL'2022.
  • Xi'ao Su, Ran Wang, Xinyu Daim, Contrastive Learning-Enhanced Nearest Neighbor Mechanism for Multi-Label Text Classification, ACL'2022 (Short Paper).
  • Pengfei Sun, Yawen Ouyang, Dingjie Song, et.al., Self-Supervised Task Augmentation for Few-Shot Intent Detection, JSCT 2022:37 (3), 527-538.
  • Zhen Wu, Xinyu Dai, Rui Xia, Pairwise Tagging Framework for End-to-End Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction, FCS, 2023:17 (2), 1-10.
  • R Wang, X Su, S Long, X Dai,S Huang, J Chen, Meta-LMTC: Meta-Learning for Large-Scale Multi-Label Text Classification, EMNLP'2021
  • X Chen, P Jin, L Qiu, J Zhang, X Dai and J CHEN, Automatic Detection of Machine-generated Texts Is Not Reliable, Findlings of EMNLP'2021
  • Y Ouyang, J Ye, Y Chen, X Dai, S Huang, J Chen, Energy-based Unknown Intent Detection with Data Manipulation, Findlings of ACL'2021
  • Z Wu, L Wu, Q Meng, Y Xia, S Xie, T Qin, X Dai, TY Liu. Unidrop: A simple yet effective technique to improve transformer without extra cost.NAACL'2021
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  • B Fu, W Zhang, G Hu, X Dai, S Huang, J Chen. Dual Side Deep Context-aware Modulation for Social Recommendation. WWW'2021
  • W Yuan, T He, X Dai. Improving Neural Question Generation using Deep Linguistic Representation.WWW'2021
  • Y Cao, L He, R Ridley, X Dai. Integrating BERT and Score-based Feature Gates for Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis. NLPTEA'2020
  • R Ridley, L He, X Dai, S Huang, J Chen. Automated Cross-prompt Scoring of Essay Traits, AAAI'2021
  • R Wang, Robert Ridley, X Su, W Qu, X Dai. A Novel Reasoning Mechanism for Multi-Label Text Classification, Information Processing and Management 58(2), March 2021.
  • Pengfei Sun, Yawen Ouyang, Xin-Yu Dai, et.al., Similarity Learning with Implicit-network and Explicit-network for Zero-shot Intent Detection. accepted by SCIENTIA SINCA Informatics(In Chinese). In press.
  • Kaijia Yang, Nantao Zheng, Xin-Yu Dai, et. al., Enhance Prototypical Network with Text Descriptions for Few-shot Relation Classification, CIKM’2020. (short paper)
  • Chengcan Yin, Zhen Wu, Xin-Yu Dai, et.al., Opinion Transmission Network for Jointly Improving Aspect-Oriented Opinion Words Extraction and Sentiment Classification, NLPCC’2020.
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  • Fei Zhao, Zhen Wu, Xin-Yu Dai, Attention Transfer Network for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification, COLING’2020.
  • Zhen Wu, Chengcan Ying, et. al., Grid Tagging Scheme for Aspect-oriented Fine-grained Opinion Extraction, Findings of EMNLP’2020.
  • Yawen Ouyang, Moxin Chen, Xinyu Dai, et.al., Dialogue State Tracking with Explicit Slot Connections Modeling, ACL'2020.(short paper)
  • Danhao Zhu, Xin-Yu Dai, et.al., Sampling Informative Context Nodes for Network Embedding. Accepted by SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences.
  • Zhen Wu, Fei Zhao, Xin-Yu Dai, et.al., Latent Opinions Transfer Network for Target-Oriented Opinion Words Extraction. AAAI'2020.
  • Chunyang Tan, Xin-Yu Dai, et.al., MSGE: A Multi-step Gated Model for Knowledge Graph Completion.PAKDD'2020
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